I have two sons (twins), and they are taking most of my time. During the first year of their life, I’d been working on my Master’s Thesis, which was actually the reason for me to start this blog: I wanted to tell others about the experiences I made along the way. And these experiences were mostly about Spring, Kotlin, Selenium, Web Scraping etc. since the paper deals with Twitter account automation.

Concerning my interests, they are quite diversified in the field of Computer Science. My focus is definitely on backend development using JVM-based languages like Java and Kotlin. Creating Spring applications for a microservice landscape had been my day-to-day business, while recently I’ve started to dive deeper into Node and Typescript, since those technologies are used at the company I’m working for called thing-it. REST APIs (of course, including HATEOAS!) in particular, but also other interfaces like message queues or event-driven communication are the most interesting part to me. Deploying these services to cloud-providers like AWS, setting up the required infrastructure using Infrastructure-As-Code-Tools like Terraform and ensuring operation (“You build it, you run it.”) is part of my work without a doubt. I also gathered experience on both, relational and NoSQL databases like PostgreSQL or Redis. Elasticsearch though, is what I definitely dived the deepest into. I learned how to optimize document structures for specific search queries and to tune those queries to get the best search results.

However, not only the hidden parts of web applications are what brings me joy, but also the customer-facing side. I already worked with React-based Single Page Applications using Typescript, may it be in my spare time, the university or at work. The idea of being a Full-Stack developer sounds appealing to me and deep in my heart I hope that Kotlin will one day be mature enough to be used on both sides of the fence. Last but not least, Android app development is where I started to learn coding and will always be a hobby of mine (Kotlin revisited).

In the future, I hope to also learn more about Artificial Neural Networks, which I already touched upon during classes in university. But in the end, there is nothing that’s not catching my attention as long as it’s somehow related to computers. Cheers